Press Office

We provide crisis management. In addition, Agile Comunicação promotes the customized relationship between companies and the media, through the development of a relation policy with the written, spoken and televised media or the internet. Contact with the press and opinion makers, based on ethical principles, seeks for the promotion of reliable information to the general public and interesting to the company. Our core services include:

1. Writing, production and distribution of press-releases and press-kits;

2. Organization and conduction of individual interviews or press conferences with the media, including newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, radio and television);

3. Planning, installation and coordination of “press rooms” for congresses, trade fairs and seminars, conventions and symposiums, including regional schemes.

4. Conduction of Media Training programs, which prepare the executive in a customized way to talk to the press and electronic media. It also includes the management of public opinion crises, working with all stakeholders of the company and also with the press.