Public Relations
Agile is able to manage the relationships between the company and all its stakeholders, dealing with interests and conflicts, and works strategically in order that the client.
Press Office
We provide crisis management. In addition, Agile Comunicação promotes the customized relationship between companies and the media, through the development of a relation policy with the written, spoken and televised media or the internet.
Agile is extensively experienced in the planning, creation, production and implementation of large events. We have expertise to conduct special projects for different types of companies and cultural, sports, social, government agencies, etc.
Agile, with a team experienced in the production, reporting, writing, editing and layout of texts, is able to produce blogs, newsletters or bulletins to disclosure among the employees, suppliers, consumers, shareholders or other stakeholders.
Social Media
Being present in social media is critical for companies wishing to provide visibility to their brands. Agile may maximize your brand in the networks, reaching the target audience with the most appropriate language.
Fashion Production
One of Agile skills is promoting the brand before bloggers, fashion catalogues and television shows. We insert your product and/or brand in fashion editorials of the leading magazines and websites in Brazil.
Internal Marketing –Internal Communication
Agile conducts plans and campaigns to approach employees, aiming at the maximum quality of the product or service offered to the clients, because, before selling a product to clients, companies should convince their employees to buy it.
Custom magazines for Retail
Are you planning to retain your customers by distributing a magazine at the checkout of your points of sale? We can help you.